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This is the main wiki page for all of the Metronauts TransitCamp events. If you are taking notes or writing about an individual event, go to the section of the wiki about that event.

For the April 5 event wiki, got to the METRONAUTS1 page.

For the May 3rd even wiki, go to the METRONAUTS2 page.

All Metronauts events start with the premise that people can be passionate about transit and transportation issues while having fun and being positive at the same time. Like the rest of the global TransitCamp community, these events run on the mantra:

“this is not a complaints department, it is a solutions playground”

They also run on the BarCamp principle that “Community is the Framework”. They are powered by participation. The Transit Camp community stewards, with the support of sponsors, are building the platforms for community collaboration.  The content of the conversation is up to the community to determine. How the community wants to work together and what it wishes to do will determine the direction of the project.


The new online community site, called METRONAUTS, can be found at

This new community site will be a major focus of conversation before, during and after the Transit Camp events, and the direction of the dialogue will be determined by the participants. It will provide meaningful interaction among community members, and between the community and planners and policy-makers.

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